What Makes an Intruder Target a Certain House

Having home alarms in Teeside is a great way to ensure that you don’t have an empty home in Teeside. But the lack of a good homes security system is not the only thing that attracts a potential thief.

Break-ins often seem so unprovoked and random, but there are actually many things that can draw an intruder’s eye to a house and specifically target it above any other. Obviously the lack of a burglar alarm systems in Teeside residences is a good start, but other characteristics such as cluttered or unkempt gardens will also be attractive since it gives the intruder a place to hide or gain entry without being conspicuous.

Having home security in Teeside is a great deterrent, but if you advertise the exact type and model that is used, there is a chance the intruder can find out how to disable it – so be sure that while you advertise its presence you don’t advertise everything about it.

Houses with fences and gates will also deter thieves, as the noise made opening them is usually a risk they would rather not take, while having dogs, especially ones that will bark at unfamiliar people or situations will also help keep people away. Finally don’t leave automatic garage openers in a car, or ladders and other bulky items lying around in the garden. They can be used to gain access to the house.

Break-ins may seem random, but they are often the result of people leaving their house looking very attractive to thieves.

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