Commercial CCTV Systems Protect My Business!

I had installed commercial CCTV cameras in my downtown fast food restaurant a year prior at my wife’s suggestion. Before that my employees used to idly waste time and engage in unproductive activities, which affected my business a lot. Some would even deal with customers so rudely that I lost many loyal customers in the process. I was under constant pressure from all the money I was losing, I was constantly stressed out. I mentioned my problems to my wife and she came up with the solution installing commercial CCTV systems!

Now the commercial CCTV cameras watch over every nook and cranny of the restaurant, and it even caught the offenders too. It was a little hard decision to take, but I fired more than half of my employees after they were recorded by the commercial CCTV cameras and commercial CCTV systems doing unproductive things.

It is worth mentioning here that my commercial CCTV systems were bought from SecurityCam. They were supportive and helpful all the way; the staff that showed up for the installation were polite and they fully trained me on the operation and maintenance. They were quick to respond and process my requests too; I got the free site survey followed by the installation all done within a week. So many thanks go out to them and their commercial CCTV cameras that have definitely saved the day for me!

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