Editorial Guidelines

Business2communities.com provides publishers and readers with high quality content. To ensure that your news meet our criteria, please use the following guidelines when producing content to be published:

The first requirement is that your story must be news placed into the appropriate category. Carefully check for grammatical and spelling errors, they will lower the credibility of your story and could cause your story to be rejected by our editors.

All story must be your original release and not published elsewhere online.

Submit your story maximum two categories only. We understand that many story could be submitted to several categories; however we consider this to be spamming. Multiple submissions of the same story will not only result in the press releases being removed, but it can also lead to the author being suspended Slot Online should we consider them to be abusing the system.

You may include up to 5 hyperlinks in an press releases (all anchor text links have the ‘nofollow’ tag).

Please select up to 6 highly relevant keywords that are separated by a comma. Non-relevant keywords will be removed.

Press Release cannot include plagiarized material from any other person or source. You must own 100% of the story you publish.


Story Title: A maximum of 150 characters and minimum of 3 words. (We recommend using up to 100 .). Do not use ALL CAPS. Do not have the website in the title.

Please send an email to the Editor: guestposteditor[at]gmail[dot]com. Start the Subject line with GUEST POST (in ALL CAPS).