We Are Lucky We Have ADT Burglar Alarms on Our Side

I had ADT burglar alarms installed in our house a few years back. I am a personal fashion stylist and shopping assistant but I am no stranger to the needs and importance of a strong, impenetrable home security. So naturally, installing ADT burglar alarms in our London home was a conscious decision. I live in a huge house with 3 other friends who have different professions as an artist, artifact curator and a professional commentator who works late night shifts. They all agreed and supported my decision to protect our home security.

And one night, our precautions and good decision paid off. Tired after a weekend evening party, we were all soundly asleep when we were awoken by our burglar alarms siren. There were intruders in our home! Unknown to the ADT burglar alarms that were scattered all over the house the burglars had broken in with wrong intentions. Unfortunately for them, they were soon overpowered by us, and the police turned up soon afterwards, all thanks to remote surveillance by ADT that had informed the police and key holders about the break in.

ADT saved the day for us and we were saved from getting burgled that night. It still protects our home security, and we all think that choosing ADT was one of the best decisions we’ve made. We constantly recommend it to everyone. Thanks ADT!

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