Procedure for Certificate Attestation Services in UAE

United Arab Emirates (UAE), a popular Middle East country, is a center of many aspects and home to the most famous traveling locations like Dubai and Abu Dhabi. For every person, UAE means, iconic Skyscrapers, huge Malls, Palatial Beach Resorts, and so on. Being a center of attraction of the world, the country is an Educational hub with many excellent Universities and also has international brands that are in search of employees to hire. UAE has comfortable and secure surroundings to work or study. Many people from various countries look for opportunities to get placed here. UAE is a strict country so are its rules and regulations.

You have to follow all the guidelines of the UAE government to move inside or outside the country legally. Under the UAE guidelines, certification of all Academic and Non-Academic certificates is obligatory to get a visa. The procedure of attestation of your certificates needs to complete from the issuing country of the certificates and in UAE respectively in a correct manner when traveling overseas.

UAE Embassy Attestation

The certificate attestation is primarily based on getting legalization on your documents that permits you to travel to another country without any hassle. This is simply an authentication way to test the citizenship of the country. To legalize a certificate Embassy attestation needs to be completed from the UAE Embassy in the originating country of the certificate and the Embassy of the Home country in UAE. The Embassy attestation is a certificate verification process that helps you to fulfill a personal or professional purpose in another country. This is largely accomplished by the foreign department of the country and stamped by the officials that show that the authentication has been done by them and that the information on your certificates is genuine and truly belongs to the applicant.

For the certificate attestation, UAE Embassy is the final authority to legalize the certificates in the Home country of the certificates. The procedure will start with the Notary verification, then, the Home Ministry of the Issuing State will authenticate the certificates according to their type (HRD Department for Academic certificates, Home Department for Personal certificates). Next, the Ministry of External Affairs (MEA), and the UAE Embassy in the Originating country will legalize the certificate finally to prove their originality and lawfulness. The rest of the procedure needs to complete in UAE by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA) which will prove that the certificates are ready to be used internationally.

The UAE certificate attestation is long and difficult when applicants complete it by themselves; they have to run between several offices to complete it. The Attestation service agencies can quickly flow certificates between all of the relevant departments to complete the UAE Attestation as fast as possible. Legalizing certificates that are requested to be present through a UAE authority is a daunting task. Hiring attestation agencies for UAE certificate attestation services would be the best option to complete this procedure in the right manner. These attestation agencies will provide excellent attestation services without mistakes and delays. Certificates must have proper attestation. These attestation agencies in UAE are expert providers of the certification procedure to the public for every type of certificate and document belonging from anywhere in the world.

How to accomplish certificate attestation in UAE from India?

More than hundreds of Indians are residing in UAE, and many are planning to. To travel outside or inside the UAE attestation of personal and professional certificates is essential. Only after the Indian Embassy attestation, UAE authorities will allow the certificates to use in the country. After verification from the Indian officers, your documents are rechecked by overseas officials to verify from their side. If they locate something suspicious, they will send the certificates again to complete the re-verification procedure. To go through the certificate attestation procedure one needs to follow the certification procedure according to the type of certificate.

For the Indian Embassy attestation, UAE requires the following certificates and documents to get legalization:

  • Academic
  • Non- Academic
  • Commercial

Academic Certificates: Degree certificates, Diploma certificates, SSC, Mark Sheets, and others.

Attestation Procedure:

  • Notarization
  • HRD/ Education Department Verification
  • MEA, India Legalization
  • UAE Embassy Legalization

Non-Academic certificates: Birth certificates, Marriage certificates, Medical, PCC, Divorce certificates, and others.

Attestation Procedure:

  • Notarization
  • SDM/Home Department Authentication
  • MEA, India Legalization
  • UAE Embassy Legalization

Commercial Documents: Power of Attorney, Bank Statements, Company Invoices, Product Lists, and others.

Attestation Procedure:

  • Chamber of Commerce Verification
  • MEA, India Legalization
  • UAE Embassy Legalization

The UAE certificate attestation services will complete the attestation from different authorities for different types of certificates. They will complete the attestation for Academic certificates from the Human Resource Development (HRD) / Education Department (school/university/board/council) of issuing state, and for Non-Academic certificates from the Sub Divisional Magistrate (SDM)/ General Administrative Department (GAD)/ Regional Authentication Center (RAC)/ Home Department of issuing state of the certificates.

Certificate attestation services in UAE are necessary to complete to apply for-

  • Work Visa
  • Business Visa
  • Student Visa
  • Employment Visa
  • Family Visa
  • Dependent Visa
  • Higher Education
  • Migration

How many days does UAE certificate attestation require to complete?

To complete the UAE certificate attestation services, it takes 5-7 working days. However, the prior attestations from various departments can take a long time depending upon, which state the certificate is from and which type of authentication procedure it needs to follow.

The service charges to complete the UAE Certificate attestation vary from one country to another country and from one attestation agency to another. However, the issuing state of the certificates, the type of certificates that need attestation, and the country you are traveling to, are some factors that can influence the attestation service charges.

UAE Certificate Attestation Services

Nowadays there are several attestation agencies are available to get your attestation complete easily. The services of the attestation agencies will guide you in completing the attestation of your certificates correctly according to the attestation guidelines. Choosing a sincere and reliable attestation agency is a tough task these days; nonetheless, when selecting an attestation agency, make sure of its legitimacy and experience. These Attestation services are capable of providing excellent services for every type of certificate from anywhere in the world as they have links inside the Embassies and other departments.

These UAE certificate attestation services are genuine and reliable attestation agencies and can assist you in completing your certificate attestation formalities without any hassle at a nominal fee.