Know the Importance of Certificate Apostille Attestation Procedure.

Many citizens of India travel to other countries to get a boost in their careers and lifestyle. Every country in the world is very particular about its rules and regulations. Obtaining a visa is essential to travel to other countries. To obtain a visa for the traveling country, you need to go through some legalization procedures for your Educational and Non-Educational documents. The procedure of legalization depends on the country you are planning to travel to. If you are going to a country that is a member of The Hague Convention, you need to complete the legalization for your documents under the Apostille attestation system.

Apostille Attestation in India

Apostille Attestation in India is a legal system that validates the usage of a certain certificate overseas. It is a necessary rule of all the member countries of the Convention that they expect travelers to follow. It is mandatory to legalize the certificates before use in a Hague Convention country. In the Apostille process, the Indian certificates get legalization by the Ministry of External Affairs (MEA), India. An Apostille stamp is a sticker-based stamp affixed on the backside of the documents that prove the legitimacy and authenticity of documents.

The certificate Apostille in Delhi is one the most in-call necessities because, a large range of people goes overseas countries from Delhi for Employment, trade, and better Education every year. To show the genuineness of the Delhi-originating documents in a Hague country, this procedure mandates the requirement of correct processing for certificate Apostille attestation. India is a member country of The Hague Convention treaty to travel to another Hague country an Apostille attestation is obligatory in the country.

An Apostille attestation in Delhi is a manner for legal verification of all personal and professional documents. Apostille is the attestation process of having authentication through the signatures and seals of the authorized Department/authorities on public documents. An Apostille-attested document from a Hague country is only valid in the other Hague Convention member country. According to the treaty, an Embassy attestation is not necessary after getting the Apostille stamp on the documents. Now, there are 122 member countries in the Hague Convention which accepts documents with an Apostille attestation as valid.

To obtain Apostille attestation in Delhi, the Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) is the main government department, which can legalize public documents with their Apostille stamp to show their lawfulness. However, an Apostille seeker cannot approach the MEA directly; the department authorized several Apostille agencies in Delhi. These agencies and Apostille agents in Delhi provide Apostille services to all the Apostille applicants in Delhi and other places in India. Completing an Apostille through these agents is best. They will assist you with their convenient Apostille attestation services at inexpensive charges in an easy and hassle-free manner.

The procedure needs its first verification from the local Notary, from the issuing state i.e. Delhi, then from the MEA, you will get the Apostille stamp that will legalize the use of the documents in other countries.

For Birth certificate Apostille in Delhi, the Personal document Apostille procedure requires Sub Divisional Magistrate (SDM)/ General Administrative Department (GAD)/ Regional Authentication Center (RAC)/ Home Department, for Degree certificate Apostille, Human Resource Development (HRD) / Education Department (school/university/board/council) of issuing state will attest to the certificates, then only they can complete the procedure from the MEA of India. To legally use your Indian documents overseas you need to follow the correct procedures of the certificates Apostille attestation in India.

The procedure of certificate Apostille in Mumbai or Delhi or any other State or Union Territory of India is the same and needs to complete according to the type and issuing place of the concerned certificates. Three types of certificates and documents require getting attestation/legalization to prove their authenticity and legitimacy.

The types of certificates/documents are:

Educational Certificates (Degree certificates, Diploma certificates, Marks Sheets)


  • Notary Attestation
  • HRD/Education Department Attestation
  • MEA Apostille Attestation

Personal Certificates (Birth certificates, Marriage certificates, PCC)


  • Notary Attestation
  • SDM/Home Department Attestation
  • MEA Apostille Attestation

Commercial Documents (Power of Attorney, Memorandum of Articles)


  • Chamber of Commerce Attestation
  • MEA Apostille Attestation

To complete a Certificate Apostille in Mumbai or other places in India, the attestation from the Chamber of Commerce is necessary before the MEA Apostille attestation.

Considering Apostille Attestation agencies that may assist you to complete the procedure accurately will be a wise choice to fulfill all your legalization requirements of traveling overseas. Various Apostille agencies are there in India that can provide excellent Apostille services to all residents and non-residents of India. You have to submit all the original documents, photocopies of your Passport, and authorization letter with your visa application.

Whether you require Apostille attestation services in Chennai, Delhi, or Mumbai, before hiring an agency for your Apostille requirements, make sure the agency is genuine and reliable. Many Apostille agencies are offering their services in the market, but, only a few of them work authentically and correctly. You need to hire only a certified Apostille agency for your authentication requirements in India. A fake attestation on your documents can cause you several legal troubles and also a visa cancelation for a lifetime.

You need to make sure of the repute of the Apostille attestation services in Chennai before handing over your documents to avoid any misuse or misplacement of the documents. Make sure the agency knows all the details of an Apostille procedure, and capable of completing it according to the rules. The Apostille attestation agencies are available all through India providing their best services for every type of document. These agencies are easy to find with the help of the internet. You can find the best Apostille services to complete all the Apostille attestation requirements easily and efficiently.

For example- they must know, to complete a Birth certificate Apostille in Chennai, the SDM/Home Department, and for a Degree certificate, the HRD/Education Department of Tamil Nadu will complete the State attestation procedure for Chennai-originating certificates. Only then the MEA will provide their authentic Apostille stamp to the certificates that will prove that the certificates are genuine and correct and can be used for any international function.

These attestation agencies can complete the procedure of certificate Apostille in Bangalore, Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai, and all over India, for every type of document easily, at a very reasonable fee.