How do I get Birth certificate attestation for UAE?

With its ever-growing economy and plentiful job and livelihood prospects, the United Arab Emirates – UAE is a popular choice for many people looking to get a new life overseas. However, in an international location, things are a little more difficult between arranging the relocation and actually doing it. There are several considerations to be made when relocating to UAE. Regardless of what your requirements are, the necessity for Certificate attestation for UAE is growing rapidly. The Birth certificate is one of the crucial Personal certificates. To legalize the use of the Birth certificate internationally, you need to get an Attestation on the Birth certificate.

What is a Birth Certificate Attestation? 

Birth Certificate Attestation is an act of witnessing the credentials of a certificate by the legal departments and concerned authorities with their stamps and signatures. Through Attestation, you can prove that the Birth certificate is actual and legitimate. As the Birth certificate is one of the vital Personal documents that carry details such as your name, parent’s name, date of Birth, Place of Birth, issuing department, etc.; it needs to get verification for all the credentials of a Birth certificate in the Home country before using it for any personal and professional purpose in abroad.

Hence, when applying for visas and other functions in overseas countries, you need to attain authentication for your Birth certificate from the respective authorities in the issuing country and the traveling country as well. The procedure of Birth certificate attestation needs to complete by the Regional Notary first, then the Sub Divisional Magistrate (SDM)/ General Administrative Department (GAD)/ Regional Authentication Center (RAC)/ Home Department of issuing state will verify the certificate and forward it to the Ministry of External Affairs (MEA), and Embassy of the respective country will finally attest the certificate to certify its authenticity and genuineness to use for overseas functions.

The system of Birth certification involves authentication and legalization from the involved government. That’s why it becomes a long and complex procedure, you can complete it on your own, but, hiring an attestation service provider would be best. No matter in which part of the world you live, you can easily find an attestation service agency at your location. Since an attestation seeker can’t approach any embassy directly, they authorized and certified various attestation agencies to provide certification to the general public.

Why is the Birth Certificate Attestation obligatory? 

Birth Certificate Attestation is a legal procedure that is necessary to verify the information that a certificate/document carries about the certificate holder. A Birth certificate is a vital identity document of an individual. However, for identity, you would possibly want to present the Birth certificates in overseas countries, together with UAE. Hence, to use the certificates internationally, you need to get them legalized through Attestation.

Following are some of the necessities for Birth Certificate Attestation:

  • To apply for Higher Education
  • Employment Visa
  • Family Visa
  • House Allowance
  • Migration

The certificate attestation procedure for any such certificate is necessary to prove that you are a genuine person to travel inside the country for which you are obtaining a visa. This is a rule that you have to follow according to the guidelines of the traveling country. It is mandatory to attest your Academicals and Non-Academicals certificates from the concerned government departments to prove your trustworthiness before the immigration authorities. It is a vital procedure to restrict the access of illegal immigrants.

What is a Birth Certificate Attestation for UAE and how to complete it easily?

Every country in the world has its policies to allow foreigners to travel inside their country to live, work, or get an education. For this, they have to follow Certificate Attestation procedures to prove that they are genuine travelers and that the reason for their visit to the country is legal.

The UAE is very strict about its rules; you have to follow all the attestation guidelines correctly to enter the country legally. When you are moving to the UAE to join a school/ college/job, authentication of your vital certificates is obligatory. A Birth certificate is one of the most important certificates that require getting an attestation to prove you genuine before the UAE government, to get a legal and hassle-free stay inside the country.

The Birth Certificate Attestation for UAE is the act of witnessing Birth certificates by the legal departments/authorities with their official seal and signature to prove their trustworthiness and legitimacy. This attestation additionally confirms that the Birth certificate is genuine and ready to use for any personal or professional purpose in UAE.

To complete the procedure of Birth Certificates Attestation for UAE, first, a local Notary will verify the certificate, then the State Home Department authenticates the certificates, after that, the Ministry of External Affairs attests to the Birth certificates, then, documents get UAE Embassy Attestation, finally, the certificate procures MOFA attestation from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the UAE to legalize their utilization.

Procedure – 

Birth Certificate UAE Attestation:

  1. Notary Attestation
  2. Home Department Attestation
  3. MEA Attestation
  4. UAE Embassy Attestation

To complete the Birth certificate attestation for UAE takes almost 5- days, however, since the procedure involves several authorities it can take a longer time.  

Birth Certificate Attestation Fee

The Birth certificate attestation fee can be affordable or high which depends upon the issuing country of the certificates, type of certificate, traveling country, and other requirements of the client. 

Attestation Services for UAE

An attestation agency needs to be genuine, reliable and experienced in terms of providing the services for Birth certificate attestation for UAE. From completing the documentation to start-to-end assistance, these agencies can provide first-class certificate attestation services anywhere for any type of certificate. They will help you with their expert attestation agents to complete a certification correctly according to the UAE guidelines.

They offer quick and easy services for Birth certificate attestation for UAE. To get all of the attestation services, it’s crucial to hire the right agency that can complete the certification timely. These attestation agencies have professional attestation agents who can complete the certification on your behalf. These attestation agencies are experts in the authentication field and can complete an authentication easily and timely with a reasonable fee.You can get the best attestation services for UAE in India or in the place you live for all your attestation and visa requirements from these attestation service agencies.