Three health issues common to desk job employees

We are living in a digital age. It is kind of funny that every breakthrough in science is making human beings less and less mobile. The more science advances, the more we are withdrawing ourselves from what we were meant to do in the first place. Desk jobs are not new however today, you work for long hours than ever. Low movement and high stress level trigger health conditions. These are the health problems that you should not ignore while working at office.

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Not many might have heard about it, however it might surprise you that an increasing number of people, including the ones in their 20s, are suffering from this problem. Tingling, pain, weakness and numbness are symptoms of this condition. It happens when there is undue pressure on median nerve. It takes a few years before developing this condition. Someone who works extensively on computer, car or truck drives often are the high risk of developing Carpel Tunnel Syndrome. 


Choose a computer mouse that does not strain wrist and is smooth. Set computer keyboard to elbow height or lower and make sure your elbows are higher than the wrist.

Take regular and frequent breaks from repetitive work that involves use of wrists and hands and stretch your fingers and palms several times a day.

Obesity problem that is consequential to high carbohydrate food served at work

Most corporate serve food high in carbohydrates and includes little or no protein. If your job does not require you to move or stand up whole time, you do not require high carb diet. Such meals will only contribute to your weight making you obese. What further make the scenario worse is excessive intake of coffee or tea consumption. The problem is the excessive consumption of caffeine and high sugar content in such type of beverages.


  • If you drink excessive tea or coffee then limit its intake, and also avoid adding sugar to it. You can use artificial sweeteners instead. They are still better. They will not cause health problem.
  • It is always good to consume home cooked food. Bring a meal from home that is high in protein because such meal would help you stay full for long time. In addition, ensure you have enough vegetables and fruits in your meal. No doubt packing food can be difficult however it is for your own health. So, instead of making excuses, start doing things that keep you healthy.

Weak Muscles

The human body is designed to move. There are 700 skeletal muscles and 360 joints in the human body. Unfortunate part is that desk job professionals are glued to their chairs for long hours and this triggers tightening of the hamstring and hip muscles along with a weak abdominal and lower back muscles. The strength of glutes and mobility of hips get affected by sitting for constantly long hours. 


  • If you keep a thick wallet in your back pocket then it also contributes to bad posture.
  • Make sure that you change your position every few minutes and move every hour or two. In addition, set a reminder to either stand up or move every sixty minutes. Avoid taking elevator. Take stairs rather.

These are the three problems that you should watch out for if you have a desk job.  If you have any such problem, seek medical intervention.

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