Three Must-Have Office Party Essentials

What all strikes your mind when you think of an office party? Doesn’t it seems like an oxymoron? Well, a party is about fun while an office party is just the opposite of it. And what is more taxing to such a party is what to wear or how to dress for it. Though you can go to a party the way you want, however, with an‘office’ word in it, things become more complex.

So, what can you wear to an office party?

Just imagine –a fairy godmother appears and just do ‘ Abracadabra’ – all your dressing woes would go away.

The office isno longer the place where our parents used to go. The professionals are more trendier, updated and younger. They have a better taste in fashion sense.What’s more? Unlike claustrophobic environment of the gone times, there is room for breathing and letting hair down.

If you are all set to attend an office party and wondering what to wear then here we are to help you. We bring you a few must-have essentials for attending an office party.


It is one of the finest clothing if it suits your personality and lets you nail that elusive and stylish smart casual look. When combined with a jacket or blazer, it goes a long way in creating an impression. It simply looks fabulous.Yet another best thing about turtlenecks is that you can pair it up with most types of jeans, trousers, pants and chinos. How it fits you play a crucial role in determining your overall look. It should not be either too loose or to osnug. In short, it should hug your frame without appearing weird or shabby.


These are usually classified as formal shoes, however not as formal as the Oxford shoe. However, with the changing time and over the years, they have come out of the shackles of formal wear and filtered into the more popular casual zone. Their distinctive sign is the perforations that make up a beautiful design that is broguing, generally throughout the sides of the shoes or at the shoe tip. They are designed and crafted beautifully and go well with evening wear. You can wear them for both the office and casual party.


Application of elegant version of perfumes and deodorants make you feel confident about yourself. It is a must-have in your grooming kit. A cliché in every post you come across about grooming – isn’t it the best way to smell much better?

The fragrance of perfumes is more intense and different. Using the right one can help you go a long way in impressing others. Make sure you invest in good quality perfumes and do try on yourself. Remember what smells good one some one else might not work the same on you.

A few sprays on the correct body parts like the back of the ear, wrists, in nerbicep or chest, can do wonders for you. Do not drench yourself in the perfume as you will make others breathless in the wrong way.

With Christmas and New Year a few weeks away, you must think of investing in a few office party essentials. For sure, you will be having a few office parties lined-up. So,indulge yourself in these fashion essentials and become the suave gentleman who is the centre of attraction.