Six ways to bid adieu to unhealthy eating

If you think that sweet tooth is the main reason behind your unhealthy body then better think again.  You better blame your brain for choosing junk food items. Several studies and researches conducted have proved that human brain craves for calorie-dense foods. It is because of this reason that we indulge in unhealthy eating.

According to food scientists, there are two main factors which determine why human beings crave for unhealthy food. The first factor is the taste of the food, how it feels in the mouth and what it smells like. The quality, how it feels in the mouth, is known as “orosensation”. It is one of the most important factors that is responsible for craving of junk foods. It triggers the sensation that human brain associates itself with a particular drink or food. Mostly, it is the junk foods that have the power of creating that specific sensation in our brain which makes humans crave for delicious but unhealthy food.

The second factor is the presence of the ingredients in the food items. It is the blend of carbohydrates, proteins and fats it comprise. When it comes to junk food items, food manufacturers especially emphasize on this blend of fat, sugar and salt. This, in turn, excites our bran and wen end up craving more and more for junk food.

Thus, controlling and training mind to crave for healthy food is, for sure, a trick of the trade. Here are a few ways for indulging in healthy eating,

Eat in portion – There is no need to beat all your cravings. Eat small portions of your favorite junk food, however mind your bites. You do not have to be extremely strict to your diet regime. Cheat days are Okay however stick to apt quantities.

Keep unhealthy food items out of your sight – Try keeping unhealthy food items out of your sight.  Whether it is your refrigerator or in your kitchen, make sure that you have healthy food right in front of your sight. In this way, you will reach out for healthy food items.

Do not eat while watching television – It is human nature to eat more with sub-conscious mind. This usually happens when your mind is diverted into something else. In this way, even if you indulge in healthy eating, you will end up putting on weight.

The five ingredient rule –Try not to buy food that contain five ingredients. In addition, foods with red flags should also be avoided. Processed food items aggravate inclination towards unhealthy eating habits.

Shop for grocery after eating – It has been observed that when the stomach is full, we end up buying healthy food items instead of unhealthy ones. This, in turn, cuts down on the food impulse buys and we do not buy junk foods.

21 day rule – According to studies, it has been found that it takes around 21 days to make or break a habit. Accept this challenge and stick to healthy diet for 21 days. Soon you will realize, you fall for healthy foods and automatically start avoiding junk foods.

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