Seven beauty tips right from Grandma’s diary

Approaching Grandma might not be the first thing that would come to your mind when looking for beauty tips. However, she was more knowledgeable and innovative in her time about finding ways to keep her beauty intact. And, the best thing about her methods is that they are organic and natural.  It is often we underestimate the item on the kitchen racks. However, they are much safer and effective in comparison to the products available today. Here is a list of a few beauty tips right from the diary of Grandma.

Cucumber and lemon – the best natural agents to bleach skin

Tan removal and chemical based is something we all are familiar with. However, our grand moms relied on a mixture of cucumber juice and lemon juice to get rid of tan and dirt. Both these juices are natural bleaching agent, and thus they work much better that any other chemical based product.

Turmeric – the golden herb

Turmeric is being used for beauty care since time immemorial. It is considered as an ancient remedy for skin. It has antioxidant, anti-bacterial and antiseptic properties that help in covering up marks and scars. Further, it also helps in preventing and fighting acne. Also, it makes skin fairer and brighter over the period of time. Easily available in all Indian kitchens, adding turmeric to your facemask can do wonders to your skin.

Apply honey for golden complexion

While most people today have replaced sugar with honey, the latter has some of the great advantages when it comes to skin care. Application of honey on face gives a beautiful glow. It is worth a try.

Get rid of acne with lemon

Pimples and acnes can set anyone worrying, particularly when they pop-up a day prior to an important event such as an interview.  You just need to squeeze a fresh lemon juice into a container and add equal parts of water to this juice. Use a Q-tip and dab the mixture onto the pimple or acne. Lemon has anti-bacterial properties which not only helps in getting rid of pimple but also leave you with a brighter and clear complexion.

Have dark circles? Try potatoes!

Yes, do not be surprised. Potatoes work magic when it comes to getting rid of dark circles and puffiness. Just slice a raw potato, rinse it and place it under your eyes for fifteen to twenty minutes. Results are instant!

Avoid greying with carrot juice

Premature greying is a common problem these days. A large number of people are suffering from it. As per grandma’s ancient tips, intake of carrot juice daily can prevent premature greying. It has plenty of essential nutrients, minerals and vitamins that help in nourishing both the body and hair. In addition, it is also good for eyes.

Treat dry skin with fresh cream

Fresh cream was used by grandma as cold cream. It is one of the healthiest and natural remedies to get supple and soft skin.

Using grandma’s tips will surely help you achieve naturally glowing and healthy skin.

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