Degree Attestation Process For Kuwait And Oman – A Quick Glance!

When it comes to obtaining a visa for Kuwait and Oman, most people find the entire task daunting and tedious. However, because of globalization, it has become a lot convenient and easy for people to travel to these nations. Authentication of degree attestation for Kuwait in Ahmedabad, Bangalore, Chandigarh, Chennai, Delhi, Hyderabad, Mumbai, Pune or Trivandrum is one of the most crucial aspects that is looked upon if you are planning to visit Kuwait or Oman. It has gravity because it would define and evident your legitimacy. There are several attestation firms that are known to provide attestation services to those who are planning to visit these countries.

What is degree attestation and why it is needed?
Degree attestation is one of the crucial procedures in getting a visa to move to Kuwait, UAE or Oman. In this process, an attestation stamp or sticker is issued by Kuwait Embassy authenticating that documents are original and authenticate. It has to be done from the country from where the document is issued that is India. The authentication of educational certificates and documents is needed for several things. Legalizing the certificate related to the Degree is useful in getting a visa for a particular professional profile. It also helps in obtaining a family visa. This is also a must requisite by the educational institutions in case you want to pursue higher education from another country. The organization providing the work also needs this attested document.

Process for a degree certificate attestation for Kuwait and Oman
As mentioned previously, the legalization of degree certificate is a lengthy and time-consuming process. It is a step by step process that has to be done until the final attestation is done by these countries. Reading further you will get to know about the attestation process for degree attestation for Oman and Kuwait in India.

Regional Level
It is the initial step of the educational document legalization process. This level of verification is usually done by the University from where the certificates and documents were issued or the Notary, according to the requirement or from the Chamber of Commerce if there are commercial documents.

State Government
The authentication of certificates and documents form the state is done by three different departments as per the requirement of the document type. These organizations or departments are the State Home Department that is SHD, Human Resource Department that is HRD and the Sub-Divisional Magistrate (SDM). SDM is an independent wing of the state government, but the verification done by the authority is considered at the state level.

MEA Stamp
The Ministry of External Affairs, MEA, is the last stage of authentication done by the Home Government after which an MEA sticker or stamp is applied on the certificate or document. The Ministry of External Affairs is the central department dealing with the foreign affairs of the nation.

Embassy attestation
It is done by the personnel of the respective nation the documents are being legalized for. It is the final stage or step of the certification for most countries after the MEA.

On the basis of the type or origin of the document, the process for the attestation of educational documents and certificates would vary. To make the degree attestation process for Kuwait, UAE, and Oman easy and hassle-free, it is always a good idea to rely on the services provided by professionally driven and managed by attestation agencies. Make sure you choose the attestation agency with great care as it involves the privacy and safety of your documents and certificates.