Four methods to keep daily tiredness and lethargy at bay

Undoubtedly, we are hardworking beings. No matter where you live, you might find yourself having a packed day with no time to even exercise. We tire our body and mind while our resources get exhausted much faster than other species. It is important to stay alert and fit. There are many ways to replenish and jump back to become active again. Most of the times, it is the stress and emotions that take toll on us leading to more tiring and exhaust us. By simply doing a few basic things, you can manage fatigue and stress. Exercising, sleeping well and eating right are a few things you should do to stay energetic and active. For those who have a desk job, these steps might help in beating dialing lethargy and tiredness.

Screen breaks are important

When you sit in front of computer screen for long hours, you feel more tired mentally than physically. So, make sure you take break from your laptop screens every hour or as frequently as possible.  If possible, indulge in some eyes exercise to maintain the eye muscle strength. Many people have habit of browsing through mobile phones before dozing off. Try giving yourself a screen-less hour before hitting the sack. 

Drink plenty of water

This is something we all have listening since our childhood days. Hydrate yourself. Dehydration takes away your energy, thus affect your ability to do daily activities. Since dehydration can trigger fatigue, it is essential to tank up on at least three to four liters of water, maybe more, daily. To know whether or not you are drinking adequate water, keep a check on urine. If the shade of your urine is not dark yellow, it means you are drinking sufficient water. If it is dark, then your body needs more water.

Stretching can do wonders

Stretching is one of the best ways to reduce fatigue and stress. Stretch as soon as you wake up.  It improves the blood flow and eliminates tension too. More blood flow means more energy levels. Do stretch once or twice in the middle of your work day as well. Most of us have desk job these days. Do not glue to your sit for prolonged working hours. Take break every fifty minutes to an hour and mildly stretch your shoulder and back muscles.

Have a protein diet

Nothing can be more important than eating right. Not only it boosts energy levels but also helps in balancing carb intake. Let us face it – carbs are actually not our friend. Thus, the more carbs you have in morning, your body will produce more glucose that can cause high blood sugar level in the body. In addition, it also makes you lethargic. Thus, balancing it out with an effective protein diet is the key to stay active. Try to have protein based breakfast. Having eighty percent of protein in your daily diet would keep you energetic. 

If you incorporate these methods in your daily regime and start doing things that keep your body fit, you will not only feel energized and god but also live a longer healthy life. however, if you experience lethargy and tiredness in copious amount daily then better consult a doctor to rule out any kind of health problems.

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