Reasons why men should trim their hair, and not wax or shave them!

It is rare to come across a person who is happy with the body hair. No one wants to have body hair for obvious reasons. However, that is not the case with everyone. Some people have excess growth of hair everywhere, that brings along both aesthetic and hygienic challenges. In addition, sometimes, even those who do not mind having a little bit of hair growth feel like cleaning it off – whether it for showing off progress in the gym or to feel clean.

Irrespective of what the case is, body hair removal is one aspect that is usually considered extremely tricky and complicated by men all around. Wondering the reason? It is something nit talked about often. Also, the idea to ask your girlfriend is not going to help you because she is experienced with hair removal of women and not the vegetation you are up against. Visiting a salon, perhaps, is the easiest thing you can do. All they would ask you to do is get waxed. But hang on!

While shaving might be the other available alternative, that is not at all a good idea at all when it comes to getting rid of body hair. Then, what is the solution? Think!!! Trimming. Wondering why we are suggesting this over waxing and shaving? Read on to explore the reasons.

No risk

Waxing can trigger bad skin conditions in case you have extremely sensitive skin. Some of these conditions include irritation, redness, and pain. Shaving, on the other hand can get you cut. Plus, if those cuts happen around pubes - *jitters*. However trimming is safe provided you do it carefully.

Say goodbye to pain

Well, this is the most obvious reason. Have you ever been the Hercules task of getting waxed? It is like being set on fire. Therefore, no. shaving is not a good idea as well. Just imagine gliding a piece of sharp-ass blade all over your body? Jitters it gives! Contrary to it trimming which is a cakewalk. No pain, no fear!

It’s a harmless process

Trimming is basically chopping the hair off from the skin’s surface. Thus, the skin or root of the hair is not involved in the process of cleaning. Thus there is no fear of infections, pain or discomfort in this process. On the other hand, shaving and waxing are intrusive processes and your skin can get damaged.

Trimming can also be done on skin suffering from conditions

In case some part of your skin is damaged, or is healing, or is suffering from conditions such as pimples or lesions, waxing or shaving would wreck you. However, trimming, when done carefully, will do the job smoothly.

What happens after shaving?

After shaving, perhaps after a day or two, the hair growth becomes thicker. You might be aware of the horrible feeling of coarse and rough hair irritating the skin in your butt back, pubes or armpit? This happens when you wax or shave. However once you opt for trim, the hair growth does come back, however without that cactus with a vengeance effect on the skin.

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