My ADT Alarms Saved My Life

Home security has always been a serious concern for me. I had firm belief in the effectiveness of intruder alarms and had ADT alarms installed in my home when I first moved into it 3 years ago. Some of my friends even used to tease me for being such a scared cat but I always stood my ground when it came to robust home security. Little did I know it would save my life someday.

It happened last May when it was raining heavily all over London. I was sleeping in my bed after a day’s hard work one night when I heard a commotion downstairs. Apparently, somebody had broken into my home and the intruder alarms had gone off. I was so scared that I remained motionless in my bedroom. But then I remembered that my ADT alarms must have already alerted them so I gathered the courage and went downstairs with a bat. The intruder had already fled outside because of the alarms. He was caught by the neighbours!

The police also arrived on the scene shortly afterwards thanks to ADT alarms automatic alert feature. The intruder turned out to be a murderer who was on a murdering spree! My life was saved all thanks to my insistence on strong home security and my intruder alarms, and I can only thank ADT and SecurityCam who suggested them to me. Thank you ADT!

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