Feel free to discuss concerns: PM to business leaders, exporters – Times of India

Feel free to discuss concerns: PM to business leaders, exporters - Times of India

NEW DELHI: Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Thursday asked industry leaders and exporters to freely discuss their concerns with the government, along with innovative suggestions and solutions, so that the problems could be resolved through a combined effort.
“I want that based on your inputs, suggestions and support, we move towards achieving our goals,” he said, while inaugurating a new building to house the commerce department and an online platform for trade assessment.

Modi’s call to industry players comes at a time when the Centre is keen to boost economic growth, investment and employment as it grapples with the challenges posed by high inflation and supply chain disruption, first due to the pandemic and now due to the war in Ukraine.
The PM underlined the need for exports to play a critical role in India’s economic journey and asked exporters to set long-term goals and seek to achieve them.
“Based on past achievements, we have scaled up the export targets and doubled our efforts to achieve them. To achieve these new targets, collective effort is critical… When we study the development path of various countries, we realise that they progressed when their exports rose. This means that exports play a major role in transforming a country from a developing country to a developed nation. It also increases employment and self-employment opportunities,” he said.
The PM also listed out several goods whose exports have just started and exhorted government agencies and exporters to focus on new products and new markets, while recognising the role of overseas missions in the initiative.
He said that the government was pushing local produce and one-district-one-product scheme as it sought to push them in the global market and listed sitabhog sweets from Bengal, coconut laddus from Assam, Fresh King chillis from Nagaland, fresh Burmese grapes from Assam, Mahua flowers from Chhattisgarh, and apricots from Kargil among products that had been exported from India for the first time.
The government is working to promote ease of doing business and boost exports, Modi said, adding that policy improvements, easing of the process, and taking products to new markets, have helped a lot in this direction.

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