What you need to know during Monsoons Season.

Monsoons have hit almost every part of India. And, with heavy rainfall comes along humidity. Maintaining healthy and glowing skin during the rainy can be difficult. Here are some interesting beauty hacks to keep your locks and skin intact.

Avoid use of hair products

We all love to styling before stepping out of the home. However, it is suggested to avoid styling hair this monsoon. If you have been using heavy mousse then stop it instead go for light hair serum. Consider using anti-frizz sprays. Opt for hairstyle that is the best according to the natural texture of your hair. A bun, top knows or braid is a perfect choice for bad hair days.

Do pay attention to your feet

Have you ever paid attention to what happens to your feet when you keep them in water for a long time? They become wrinkly and appear ugly. Chances are that you might step into the puddle or get caught into the rain and this could lead to wrinkly toes. The first and the most important thing you have to do after reaching home is to wash your feet and moisturiser them. You can also prepare a foot scrub by blending sea salt, coffee and cornmeal in equal quantities. Application of this mixture can make your feet appear smooth. Do apply moisturiser after scrubbing feet.

Keep makeup minimal

Well, if you love to apply makeup before stepping out of home then ditch this idea this rainy season. Say goodbye to the heavy foundation and embrace tinted moisturiser or BB CC cream, preferably the one which comes with good SPF and offers coverage throughout the day.

Cleanse and moisturise

As mentioned above, with rains come humidity, and it can make your skin either dry or oily. Cleanse your skin properly at least two times a day and slough away sweat, the build-up of dead skin and impurities. If you have oily skin then soapless gel cleanser makes for the best option as it purifies skin with right pH balance.

The art of using perfume

Mix perfume with a bit of Vaseline and rub gently on your wrists, neck and back of ears. This will not only help you smell good but also keep you fresher for a longer duration in this sweaty and sticky weather.

Eyes say it all

The monsoon season might make your brows appear unruly. Use a hairspray and make sure you brush them. This will keep your brows in place. Before application of cleanser, ensure you apply some eye cream so that your skin appears more moisturised.

Say goodbye to chapped lips

Your lips can turn dry in the monsoon. So, make sure you use the right brand of lip balm that best keep your lips smooth. Also, given that this season is ruled by dark shades of lipsticks, it can become difficult to get rid of the lipstick stain. Apply Vaseline and massage it on your lips as it will help in removing the stain.

The bottom line is to keep your body hydrated this rainy season and stay fit and healthy.

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