A Helpful Guide on Degree Attestation in India.

Most people dream of working in a high-profile multinational company and having a luxurious lifestyle overseas. This not only built your professional career but also assists you to apprehend their lifestyle better. However, moving to other counties can be a very intimidating and troubling task too, and all of your troubles begin with Certificate Attestation. Certificates authentication is an important requirement for all Indian certificates if they are going to use overseas.

Document Attestation in India

Attestation for documents describes the authenticity and legality of a document’s credentials. Having an attestation for your personal and professional documents makes them genuine and ready to use in other countries. Attestation is the procedure to validate a document/certificate from relevant authorities to prove that everything that a document states are true and the issuer of that particular document is genuine. It requires an authentication stamp from various authorities in India and the country you are going to travel to.

In India, the Ministry of External Affairs (MEA), a central government department is the sole authority to validate Indian originating documents to use abroad. The procedure of attestation starts with the regional Notary level and after the state and MEA authentication, it finishes with the Embassy legalization. The Embassy attestation/legalization is the final step in India.

Whether you require a Degree certificate attestation or you want an attestation for a Birth certificate, this procedure is long and tiring. Getting help from attestation professionals will be the best choice to get it done correctly. These attestation agencies/agents are certified by the MEA to outsource the attestation services to the general public. Since an applicant can’t approach these departments directly, these agencies are authorized to get the authentication stamps from the relevant departments. They have many years of experience in this attestation field and can complete an attestation procedure efficiently.

Why Degree attestation in India is obligatory?

Acquiring a Degree attestation in India is obligatory for international enrolment for higher studies, finding a job, getting a visa, residency, work allowance, changing the designation, or expanding a business abroad. An Attestation of Degree certificate is necessary when the college/school or the employer you are joining overseas asks for it.

What are the benefits of having the Documents attestation?

There are numerous benefits of the Documents attestation process. It is a procedure that ought to complete before moving to an overseas country. The attestation proves that your documents & intentions of your travel are genuine and you are a reliable traveler.

How to attain Document attestation in India?

The procedure of Document attestation in India differs relying on the documents/certificate’s category. The three different categories of certificates and documents that necessitate the authentication are Educational certificates, Personal/Non-Academic, and Commercial/Business documents.

Educational Certificates like Degree certificates, Diploma certificates, HSC, SSC, School Leaving certificates, Mark Sheets, etc.

Personal/Non-Academic certificates like, Birth certificates, Death certificates, Marriage certificates, Medical, PCC, Divorce certificates, etc.

Commercial/Business Documents like, Power of Attorney, Bank Statements, Memorandum of Article, Company Invoice, Product Lists, etc.

The procedure of attestation of certificates and documents relies upon the category of the certificate. For example- The procedure of Degree certificate attestation in India will be different from Birth certificate attestation in India. Under the Personal certificate attestation process the Birth certificate requires their first attestation from the SDM (Sub Divisional Magistrate)/ GAD (General Administrative Department)/ RAC (Regional Authentication Center)/ Home Department of issuing state of the certificates. On the other hand, under the Educational certificate attestation process the Degree certificates require their first authentication from Human Resource Development (HRD) / Education Department (School/University/Board/Council) of issuing state of the certificates. 

Documents Attestation Procedure in India  

Education Certificate Attestation in India

  1. Notary Attestation
  2. HRD/Education Department Attestation, Respective State
  3. MEA Attestation, India
  4. Embassy Attestation, India 

Non-Education/Personal Certificate Attestation in India

  1. Notary Attestation
  2. SDM/Home Department Attestation, Respective State
  3. MEA Attestation, India
  4. Embassy Attestation, India 

Commercial/Business Documents Attestation in India

  1. Chamber of Commerce Attestation
  2. MEA Attestation, India
  3. Embassy Attestation, India

How to obtain Embassy attestation in Chennai?

To obtain Embassy attestation in Chennai the above-mentioned procedure will apply according to the type of certificate/document you require attestation for. The Tamil Nadu State govt. will perform all the attestation formalities on the State level of authentication for the Chennai originating documents. Thereafter, the MEA and respective Embassy of the traveling country will legalize the documents with their authentic stamps to make them legal and ready to use overseas.

How many days does it take to complete a Document attestation in India?

The procedure for Document attestation in India requires various certificates and documents to get an attestation from different authorities. It is a lengthy procedure that takes time. However, the minimum time to complete the documents attestation in India is about 8-10 days. Still, it can take more time due to some facts like the document’s type, issuing place of the documents, and the traveling country you require the authentication for.

What are the service fees for Document attestation in India?

The service fees for Document attestation in India are different from state to state and from one attestation agency to another. The service fee can be high or low according to the chosen attestation agency, the type of document for which you need the attestation, the destination country and issuing state of the document, and additional requirements by the applicant.

Document Attestation Services in India

If you are having problems getting attestation for your certificates and documents, then plenty of attestation agencies are offerings their services to help people in completing all the attestation and visa formalities. Looking for expert assistance for a reliable and errors-free procedure is always suggested. These agencies can complete any type of document attestation on your behalf even if you are not present in your home country. For a correct and trouble-free attestation procedure, hire a professional and genuine attestation agency. You can easily find lots of agencies imparting attestation services such as Embassy attestation in Chennai or Kuwait Embassy attestation in Mumbai.

The agencies that offer attestation services have expert attestation agents. It will be wise to get assistance from these agencies as they have all the details of this procedure. These agencies will collect, check, submit, and deliver the documents safely to you after receiving the authentication from relevant departments on time at a reasonable rate.