Apostille Attestation in India – Take the first step of turning your dream into reality!

If you are all set to make your abroad trip, chances are that you might have already started with the process of document and certificate apostille and attestation. Apostille and attestation are done to legalize your documents and certificates, and you as an individual. If you are all set to make your first abroad trip then start with the Apostille in India right away.

Apostille procedure in India can be time-consuming and challenging especially if you have do not know about it. Since the year 2005, India has been a member of the Hague Convention and is recognized in most of the Hague nations. The Ministry of External Affairs is the central government department that issues a sticker on the documents and certificates containing the details of the applicant including the name, date of birth, document name and office name who issued the stamp and sticker along with the date of issuance. The validity of the apostille sticker in India is six months.

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