ADT Alarms Saved The Day For Me With Their Intruder Alarms!

I was always concerned about my home security and the well-being of my family, so I had ADT alarms and intruder alarms installed in my home. My friends called me paranoid since we lived in a posh London area, but I always told them that house security was of prime importance regardless of where you live. They continued to laugh until a series of events silenced them. Instances of burglaries and robberies started to happen in our neighbourhood in quick successions! The police suspected it was the work of a notorious gang who preyed on one neighbourhood after another, but they didn’t have a clue on whereabouts and other details of the gang. But on the day they decided to break into my house they were in for a shock – the intruder alarms in my ADT alarms system alerted the whole neighbourhood! Everybody had been awakened, but nobody had much to do for long except to overpower and detain the intruders, because the police had been already alerted by ADT when their intruder alarms rang out! The burglars were arrested, but that’s not the end of it – all my friends now ask me where I got my ADT alarms from – a question to which the only answer can be SecurityCam. I’m paranoid no more among my friends; they all know me as the bloke who was smart enough to recognize the importance of a robust house security before they did! All thanks to my ADT alarms!


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