I don’t like it when my staff enters my private office without my permission and was scared for my document’s safety. This is when a colleague suggested that I install access control systems in my office. With this I can restrict the people from entering my cabin when I am not there and only limited people have access to this code. I have installed access control in other sections of the office as well. It not only restricts outsiders to enter without permission but also helps me to maintain an employee log. My staff needs to swipe their cards to gain entry to the office. It helps me to know which employee hasn’t turned in for the day and also lets me know if any of them was late.

Overall the security system has been a boon for me and has made my work very convenient. It is efficient and helps in saving my time or my administration department’s time.  I have installed different access control systems at my office. While my personal cabin has a digital lock entry system I have used integrated systems in the other parts of my office.  It has enabled me to be carefree and ensure that my office and my cabin are safe.

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