Access Control Systems Doubled My Company Turnover!

I run a small operation employing a little over 50 employees, and until last year before I had installed access control systems we were constantly under debt and financial loss. I knew exactly what the problem was; it was due to the poor attendance of certain employees. Since I always had other pressing matters to attend to with the administration, I couldn’t give any attention to their attendance and behavior. One day on the suggestion of a partner I decided to install access control systems. Employee attendance could now be recorded and fed to the computer network for me to see at my own disposal later. The access control systems data was stored and was cloud based – meaning I could access the data from anywhere, even when I was on business trips! I had complete access control over attendance data and records. I started rewarding employees with good attendance and penalizing those who didn’t come to work on time. This really helped their attendance and their efficiency to increase! It’s been a year since I installed the access control systems and gained access control to my employees’ attendance. And the changes have been phenomenal. My company’s turnover has now doubled this year, all thanks to access control systems!

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