Digital marketing trends 2016-2017

So far, 2016 has been an exciting year in the world of social media marketing and search engine optimization. There is no doubt at all that two fields of search and social media are ever evolving with changes that bring prompt shift in the market and consumer behaviour. Success can come only to those who employ most effective strategies and the latest trends and adapt these changes. Given below are some search engine and social media marketing trends to stay ahead of the competitors.

Mobile optimization is a must.

Mobile phones generated more traffic than laptop and desktop search. Given that most people are using tablet and smartphone to find information online, it is evident that it is important to focus on strategies which can generate leads and boost conversions using smartphones and other such devices.  If your website is still not mobile optimized then you are at the risk of losing out to your competitors. Make sure your website has a responsive website design which supports mobile friendly websites.

digital-marketing-agencySocial posts get better ranking

Without any doubt, it is a good decision, to try to rank your universal assets (news, videos, images etc) and blog posts on the SERPs. However, importance of ranking of social media posts is second to none.  Most marketers and online business owners are counting on social media platforms and networks to gain visibility in leading search engines.   Make sure that your social media profile is visible as soon as customers type the name of your company.

Voice search brings changes in keyword research

Digital assistants have gained immense popularity among users of smartphones over the last few years, courtesy their improved functionality. Cortana, Siri and Now have made the lives of people more convenient than ever before. However, this is a new challenge to digital markets as they now have to optimize website for voice search.  Different search terms are used by people while typing and speaking. Voice search lean towards long keywords, thus make sure to use these terms for boosting the ranking of your website.

digital-marketing-clientsLocal SEO becomes important than ever before

With the recent launch of My Business, Google now places more importance to local SEO.  In the recent years, there have come some drastic changes in the way Google brings results for local terms.  Different types of search elements are used for providing immediate information related to local businesses. Unless your business is listed on Google, it cannot reach to maximum customers. The best place to get started is Google My Business as it allows you to control several accounts from one center location.

App store optimization is essential

According to a study, in the year 2015, 52 percent of time spent on the internet was on mobile apps. This is not surprising as an increasing number of people prefer using apps for browsing mobile websites because of improved functionality.  It is crucial to optimize business app for enhanced visibility. You can use app-analytics for measuring conversions.


These above-slated trends would permeate the search engine and social media landscape in the years to come. By preparing for the trends, you can give your business an edge over competitors.

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