Signs that indicate mutual relationship between you two

Has it ever happened that you met someone and really liked spending time with them? There is only one thing left to address –mutual attraction. While some people are really good at telling it, there are others who are not very good at it. That is why it becomes critical to study and understand some signs to find out when to make the right move, if the attraction is mutual from both the sides. There are certain specific patterns and behaviours that indicate the mutual attraction between a couple. Here we bring to you a five tips that, for sure, would help you know if the attraction is mutual.

 So, here we go. Let’s explore the five signs you can count on to take the next step in the relationship.

Constant eye contact

We have been hearing since childhood that constant eye contact is crucial to any conversation. Well, eye contact can tell a lot about whether or not the person is interested in you.  While long lasting eye contact with a stranger can be disturbing and creepy, ample eye contact with the person you like means they like you too. If they are not interested. They will not make much eye contact.

They pay attention to even the smallest detail

 if you are spending time with a friend then chances are that he or she might miss a few things in your conversations and gestures,however, if you are spending time with someone you thin attraction is mutual,he or she will pay attention to even minute detail. Such, you know, is law of attraction. If you notice the person noticing everything, you know what he or she might feel about you.

Suggestive teasing

It is a very suggestive part of a budding relationship. Those who share mutual attraction have a unique way to communicate and sometimes only they can understand inside jokes, some amount ofteasing and body language.  When two people share mutual attraction, they share comfort in making fun and teasing each other so that the awkwardness in their relationship can go away.

Your presence make them feel happy and smile

It is an obvious sign that stamps a relationship.People who like each other love to spend time with each other. They look forward to spend time in their company and their presence makes them smile determines this fact. So, if you are with someone you like and both of yous mile at each other then rest assured , the attraction between you two is mutual.

Particular physical proximity

Just like eye contact, physical proximity can speak volumes about the relationship or bond they share with you. Those who like will not mind breaching their space with physical contact at times. They try to establish comfort between the two. You will notice they want to sit next to you or walk close.

In a nutshell, how you react to a person in a specific situation speaks volumes about the kind of relationship you share with him or her.  There are specific gestures,said words, behaviours and body language that indicate mutual relationship between you two. It is not a rocket science to know if the other person likes you or not. All you have to do is be attentive!!