Five things to make you feel better when you are depressed

Depression is much more grave than it merely sounds. Only someone who has been a part of this journey what exactly it is, and how challenging and difficult it can be to find a way out. Most of the times, we do not even realise when it creeps into our mind,  until it has almost eaten us raw from inside taking every bit happiness and hope. You want to stop it, even if it is for a few seconds, but that sinking feeling fails to go away.  Nobody can see or understand the storm you are going through let alone help you get out of it. But you know, it will pass. Perhaps, it might take several days, weeks or months, but the darkness would come to an end. Though you might not feel, however there is always a way out.  Thus, the next time if you feel low then try any of the following:

  1. First things first. When it comes to treating such a situation, all you have to do is keep yourself busy. In a state of depression, you become pessimistic and hopeless, even cynical. It is for your best interest that you do not think about things that will suck you deeper into sadness. Try to keep yourself busy in things that you like. Exhaust yourself to an extent that the moment you hit the bed, you doze off to sleep.
  2. Nothing can be more better than digging into your favourite food. Order and indulge your taste buds in your temptations. Isn’t it okay to pamper yourself? It is often that we lose appetite when we are depressed. Ensure you never skip your meal.
  3. Watch something that makes you laugh. When you are alone at home, watch series such as F.R.I.E.N.D.S. for a few moments, you will just forget what you are going through in your life. Just sit back and enjoy. No doubt, easier said than done, however trying it is more important, isn’t it?
  4. Finding a confidante always works. You might think that nobody understands your situation and condition however given the awareness these days, most people know that depression is a serious problem.  Confide your feelings and thoughts to someone who will not judge you. It can be your family member or a best friend, someone you really trust. Given they know you since childhood, they have seen you overcome every obstacle, they love you and would help you become happy once again.
  5. You need a constant reminder. Who you are and what you can do and achieve. Think about those golden times when you were proud of yourself. Prepare a list of what you achieved, irrespective of how small it is. Like the time when you conquered the fear of heights, or passed exam at school with flying colours that too without studying hard.

Well, we all understanding that overcoming depression is a struggle, perhaps the toughest challenge of one’s ,life, however isn’t that life all about? Winning and conquering it and emerging as a stronger person is what defines you. No, it’s not simple, but you are much stronger than you know.

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